Kolisi Foundation

Kolisi Foundation

Remember the One, One by One

On the eve of the 2019 Rugby World Cup, current Springbok Rugby captain Siya Kolisi and Rachel
Kolisi sat in the hotel hallway and discussed their social responsibility following the influence they
would gain by winning the Rugby World Cup – and so, the Kolisi Foundation was birthed through the
desire to change the story of inequality in South Africa.

Responding with compassion and courage to the challenges faced by the South African nation, Siya
and Rachel Kolisi are compelled by a strong conviction that every small act of change matters. With
hearts willing to respond, hands ready to serve and heads ready to learn, the Kolisi Foundation team
is committed to the vision of changing stories of inequality.

The Kolisi Foundation unite organisations to mobilise resources and strengthen infrastructure and
learning. To help communities thrive, they aim to bring about systemic change by creating safe
spaces through sport and education, addressing gender-based violence, and contributing to food
security. They do so by partnering with organisations with a pre-existing footprint in our geographic
focus areas.